Data storage location#

Locating the files#

Since v1.16.0, Mockoon is storing each mock API's data in a separate file.

You can locate the folder in which the API data are stored by right-clicking on each environment and selecting "Show in folder":

click on show in folder in the context menu

You can move these files anywhere on your hard drive and re-open them from there.

Old system#

Before version 1.16.0, all of your environments were stored in the same environments.json file in the application data folder. The file was located in your operating system's user folder:

  • Windows: c:/Users/xxx/AppData/Roaming/mockoon/storage
  • Linux: ~/.config/mockoon/storage
  • macOS: ~/Library/Application Support/mockoon/storage

When updating to version 1.16.0, Mockoon automatically migrated the old environments.json file (see below) and split it into as many files as you had environments. These files were created in the same storage folder with incremental names: environment-0.json, environment-1.json, etc.

one file vs multiple files after the migration