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Schedule a live training session for yourself or your team and learn how to make the most of Mockoon applications

This live training is crafted to kickstart your journey with Mockoon applications (desktop and CLI), helping you harness the full potential of API mocking. It will guide you through every step of your progression, from novice to advanced user, teaching you to create, optimize, and deploy your first mock API effortlessly.

Get started with Mockoon applications (desktop and CLI).

Learn how to use advanced key features.

Step-by-step progression from beginner to advanced user.

Training delivered by the creator of Mockoon!

Training schedule

Hour 1: Getting started with Mockoon
5 topics
  1. Introduction to Mockoon and installation
  2. Discover the main features of the application
  3. Create your first mock API
  4. Configure your server settings
  5. Further configuration of your mock API (headers, query parameters, etc.)
  1. Use templating to create dynamic and realistic responses
  2. Create multiple responses for a route
  3. Chaos testing with random and sequential modes
  4. Add rules to serve the right response at the right time
  1. Partial mocking with the proxy mode
  2. Record and replay requests to create mocks
  3. Import an OpenAPI or Swagger file to create mocks
  4. Deploy your mocks anywhere with the CLI
  5. Discover the Docker image and GitHub Actions integration
  1. Create reusable mock data with the data buckets
  2. Create automated CRUD endpoints
  3. Trigger callbacks and webhooks
  4. Create global rules and route guards
  5. Simulate complex scenarios with variables
select generate from template in the route creation menu to create a AI-generated mock API endpoint
Creator of Mockoon

by Guillaume

Creator of Mockoon


For up to 5 participants, book 1 to 4 hours of training sessions (select quantity when purchasing).

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Training FAQ

The training can last up to 4 hours (see schedule above). Select the quantity of hours you want to book when you purchase the training. We can also accommodate custom training schedules. Contact us for more information.
The training is for up to 5 participants. If you have a larger team, we can accommodate custom training schedules. Contact us for more information.
We offer a certificate of completion for the training. If you are interested in receiving a certificate, please let us know when we reach out to schedule your training session.
Basic knowledge of programming and APIs is recommended.
We offer a discount on the course price for students, teams and non-profit organizations. Do not hesitate to contact us to get a discount.
We do not offer refunds for the training. If you are unable to attend the training, we can reschedule your training session for a later date.