Faker.js helpers

Mockoon implements Faker.js library by wrapping most of the available helpers. Faker.js offers lots of helpers: address.zipCode,, address.cityPrefix, name.firstName, name.lastName, datatype.number, datatype.float, internet.avatar,, etc. Please have a look at Faker.js documentation to learn how to use them.


All Faker.js helpers must be used with the following syntax: {{faker 'namespace.method'}}. Examples:

{{faker 'address.zipCode'}}
{{faker ''}}
{{faker 'address.cityPrefix'}}
{{faker 'name.firstName'}}

Faker.js methods may use two different ways of passing parameters: ordered arguments or options objects. Wrapped in Handlebars helpers, this may result in two different ways of using them:

// named parameters
{{faker 'datatype.number' min=0 max=25}}

// ordered arguments (here count=25)
{{faker 'random.alphaNumeric' 25}}

Please refer to Faker.js documentation to check the underlying implementation.

Set Faker.js' locale and seed

Faker.js locale and seed can be defined in the settings:


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