Why Mockoon?

Mockoon offers tons of features that makes API mocking a breeze.

Unlimited mocking

Create an unlimited number of mock API with unlimited number of routes and run them in parallel.

Run your mock anywhere

Use the CLI to run your mock APIs in any headless or automated environment: CI, GitHub Actions, Docker containers, etc.

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Serverless compatibility

Run your mock APIs in serverless environments: AWS Lambda, GCP/Firebase Functions, etc.

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Import / export

Mock API import / export with Swagger/OpenAPI format support.

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Deploy your mock APIs

Deploy your mock APIs online with Mockoon Cloud and share them with your team

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Route regex

Route regex supported (/.*, /[a-z]{3}, ...), based on ExpressJS syntax.

Multiple responses per route

Serve multiple rules-triggered or random responses with any headers body, or HTTP status codes.

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Quick prototyping using AI

Use our read-to-use templates and AI assistant to quickly prototype your mock APIs

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Automatically send CORS headers (Access-Control-Allow-Origin, etc.) for OPTIONS requests.

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Serve your mock API over TLS with a custom certificate.

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Cloud synchronization

Synchronize your mock APIs across all your devices.

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Response headers

Add any response headers to your routes and mock API. With auto-completion.

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Simulated latency

Add latency at environment or route level or even both.


Real-time collaboration

Collaborate with your team in real-time on your mock APIs.

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Requests and responses logs

All incoming requests and outgoing responses are logged for easier debugging.

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Auto-mock your API by recording requests and responses from a real API.

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Proxy mode

Redirect all non-defined routes to the specified host with Mockoon's proxy mode.

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File serving

File serving with automatic mime type detection and templating support.

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Rich text editor

Rich text editor for body content supporting multiple languages (JSON, HTML, etc).


Templating supported in body, file content and header, with many helpers: url params, query params, JSON body lookup, etc.

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Programmable responses

Local, global and environment variables support in responses.

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Real-time auto save as you type. Never worry again about saving!

Docker support for the CLI

Run the CLI directly as an NPM package or use the provided Docker image.

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Privacy friendly

Offline and privacy friendly making Mockoon the best choice for highly regulated or high-security environments.

Offline first

No account, no sign-up, no cloud deployment required.