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Unlimited mocking

Mock an unlimited number of environments with unlimited number of routes and run them in parallel.

Import / export

Environment import / export either from or to a file or the clipboard. Learn more

Route regex

Route regex supported (/.*, /[a-z]{3}, ...), based on ExpressJS syntax.

Any response

Support all HTTP status codes and methods: GET 200, POST 502, etc.


Automatically send CORS headers (Access-Control-Allow-Origin, etc.) for OPTIONS requests. Learn more


Serve your mock API over TLS with self-signed certificate. Learn more

Custom headers

Add any custom headers to your routes. With auto-completion.


Add latency at environment or route level or even both.

Incoming requests logs

All entering requests are logged for easier debugging. Learn more

Proxy mode

Redirect all non-defined routes to the specified host with Mockoon's proxy mode.

File serving

File serving with automatic mime type detection.

Rich text editor

Rich text editor for body content supporting multiple languages (JSON, HTML, etc).

JSON templating

JSON templating supports many helpers which can also react to request parameters: url params, query params, JSON body lookup, etc. Learn more


Real-time auto save as you type. Never worry again about saving!


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