Automatically create mock routes#

You can automatically create mock routes from HTTP transactions (request/response). This is especially useful when used in pair with the proxy mode to create a mock API from an existing API.

Manually create a mock from a request#

Mockoon offers the possibility to automatically create mocks for entering requests. Click on the "plus" icon on a record to create a route containing the same information (headers, body, etc.):

create a route from a log

Record your API calls#

Mockoon can also automatically create mock API endpoints every time a request is logged. To activate this feature, click on the "Record" button at the top of the logs view:

click on the record button

You can record in multiple environments at the same time. A red blinking recording icon will appear next to the environment name to indicate that the recording is active:

recording icon

The recording will only create a route once, based on the path and HTTP method.

The recording mode works best with the proxy mode enabled and intercepting all the entering requests.