Mockoon GUI cheat sheet

Are you discovering Mockoon's GUI or forgot what this button is used for? These cheat sheets are for you!

The GUI cheat sheet is also available in PDF version  Download

Main view

Below is Mockoon's main view where you set up your mock APIs, endpoints, responses, etc. It's the view where you will spend the most time. From this view, you can access the request logging and environment settings views (see below) by clicking on the icon in the upper right corner.

Mockoon cheat sheet main screen

Requests recording view

Below is the request logging view. This view is especially useful to debug the entering calls and how Mockoon responded to them. For each, you will find the usual information: path, headers, body, etc. You can also see if the call has been caught or forwarded through the proxy (if enabled), and automatically mock entering requests that were not caught.

Mockoon cheat sheet requests recording screen

Environment settings view

Below is the environment settings view. Here you can set up global settings for each environment. Enabling HTTPS, handling OPTIONS pre-flight requests automatically, enable the proxy mode, etc.

Mockoon cheat sheet environment settings screen