Take Mockoon to the command line

Mockoon CLI takes Mockoon where it has never been before. Lightweight and fast.

Mockoon CLI screenshot

Mockoon's perfect complement for all your headless and automated environments.

Supports all Mockoon's features

The CLI supports all of Mockoon's features: dynamic templating, response rules, proxy mode, OpenAPI compatibility, etc.

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Lightweight and fast

Deploy lighting fast mock servers in your CI environment with a simple and easy to use NPM package.

How to use it

Run your mocks everywhere

Also available as a Docker image and a GitHub Action, run your mock APIs in your favorite CI platform!

Getting started tutorial

NPM package quick start

$ npm install -g @mockoon/cli $ mockoon-cli start --data ./data-file.json

Docker image quick start

$ docker run -d --mount type=bind,source=/data-file.json,target=/data,readonly -p 3000:3000 mockoon/cli:latest -d data -p 3000

GitHub Action quick start

- name: Run Mockoon CLI uses: mockoon/cli-action@v2 with: # Mockoon CLI version, default to 'latest' version: "latest" # Mockoon local data file or URL data-file: "./mockoon-data.json" # port, default to 3000 port: 3000 - name: Make test call run: curl -X GET http://localhost:3000/endpoint