Take Mockoon to the command line

Mockoon CLI takes Mockoon where it has never been before. Lightweight and fast.

Installation instructions →

Mockoon's perfect complement for all your headless and automated environments.

Supports all Mockoon's features

The CLI supports all of Mockoon's features: dynamic templating, response rules, proxy mode, etc.

Lightweight and fast

Deploy light and fast mocks in your CI environment with a simple and easy to use NPM package.

Run your mocks everywhere

Also available as a Docker image and soon as a Github Action or on your favorite CI platforms!

NPM package quick start

$npm install -g @mockoon/cli
$mockoon-cli start --data ./export-file.json

Docker image Quick start

$docker run -d --mount type=bind,source=/export-file.json,target=/data,readonly -p 3000:3000 mockoon/cli:latest -d data -i 0 -p 3000
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