Sharing your mock API files

 Sharing a mock API

Each file can be easily shared with other Mockoon's users, "as-is". After locating your environment file, you can share it with your coworkers by using Git for example. You coworkers can then save the file in any folder and open it directly using the "Open environment" button:

open an environment

 Use a Git-tracked folder

You can save your environment data files in a Git-tracked folder to make sharing easier. By default, an environment file JSON content is saved pretty-printed to allow comparing changes between two commits. You can disable pretty printing in the settings:

disable pretty printing

 Use a mock API with the CLI

The CLI is directly compatible with environment files. After locating your environment file, you run them with the CLI using the following command: mockoon-cli start -d ./path-to-file/environment-data-file.json.