Sharing your mock API files

Sharing a mock API

Each file can be easily shared with other Mockoon's users, "as-is". Since v1.16.0, there is no need to export in Mockoon's format on one computer and re-import on another one. After sharing and saving an environment file in any folder, the application can open them directly using the "Open environment" button:

open an environment

Use a Git-tracked folder

You can save your environment data files in a Git-tracked folder to make sharing easier. By default, an environment file JSON content is saved pretty-printed to allow comparing changes between two commits. You can disable pretty printing in the settings:

disable pretty printing

Use a mock API with the CLI

Before v1.16.0 and CLI's v1.2.0, the latter was only compatible with export files. Since v1.2.0, the CLI is also directly compatible with environment files.