API mocking use cases

Discover how mocking APIs with Mockoon can accelerate and streamline your applications development, integration, testing, and demos


API mocking speeds up development

Mocking APIs helps you accelerate your development lifecycles. It also reduces the dependencies between your development teams, especially frontend and backend. It's a silver bullet when an API is still under development. It finally helps you avoid relying on external APIs that can be subject to downtimes or require security credentials unpracticable during development.
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Integrate faster with third-party APIs

Thanks to API mocking, you can start working with third-party APIs in no time. Instead of registering for an account, configuring accesses, and provisioning tokens, you could mock the needed API endpoints and start using them in your front-end or back-end application right away.
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API mocking for integration testing

API mocking brings you the flexibility needed to run complex integration tests for interconnected systems, microservices, or third-party APIs integrations. It allows you to run faster and more comprehensive tests that avoid relying on third-party services and covers more edge cases: slower response time, random failures, etc.
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Generate realistic fake data

Working with mock API can save you time. But working with mock APIs that can serve realistic and randomized fake data (JSON, CSV, etc.) is even better. Mockoon embarks a templating system and a rules interface that lets you generate any data or response to make your mocks look more realistic than ever.
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Mock for demonstration purpose

Sometimes you have to make your APIs available to clients or users before they commit to using them. With API mocking, you can provide a simulation of the actual API for testing purposes without the need to give access to your product or provision credentials. Internal or pre-sales demos can benefit from API mocking in the same way.
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Mocking during API design

The design phase of an API can also benefit from API mocking, especially when doing user experience research or focus groups with your potential users. It allows to seamlessly and quickly change and refine the API contract without waiting for a server deployment or the development team's availability.
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