Public roadmap

Mockoon is an open-source project with a public roadmap

Screenshot of the roadmap kanban board

Roadmap FAQ

Our public roadmap for our open-source projects is hosted on GitHub. Above is a summary of the current state of the roadmap with the most important features, including the non-open-source ones.
All our issues for the public open-source projects are on our GitHub repository. This is where you can upvote them and contribute to the discussions.
  • Backlog: contains features that are potential candidates due to their number of upvotes. Number of upvotes is only one indicator, and we may add features with less upvotes if they are more relevant to the project. We avoid adding too many features to the backlog as they may never get implemented.
  • Analysis/POC: contains the features that we are currently analyzing. They may be transferred to "To do" or be rejected if we realize they are not a good fit.
  • To do: planned features and tasks.
  • In progress: features currently being worked on by the maintainers or external contributors.
  • Done: contains the features and bug fixes merged to the main branch. As Mockoon is mainly a desktop application, releases happen less often than for web applications. The repository's main branch is stable but may contain features not yet released.
No. Some work may not be listed on the roadmap. It is the case for chores like dependencies updates or work happening on non-open-source products (backend, cloud offering, etc.).

Disclaimer: this roadmap is intended to give you an idea of what we are working on, and we may change it at any time. It is not a commitment and does not guarantee that the features will be released. It may not be incorporated into any agreement.