Learn how to use Mockoon's features and mock your REST server or API like a pro!

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API mocking with proxy mode

Learn how to partially mock a REST API and proxy to another server with Mockoon.

Serve a mock API over TLS

Need to mock a secured API? Mockoon can also do this!

Automatic handling of preflight OPTIONS requests

Front and API are not on the same domain? Handle preflight requests automatically with Mockoon.

Define a prefixed API

Want to prefix your mock server routes? Learn how to do it with Mockoon

Access incoming requests logs

Check how to access Mockoon's entering requests logs for easier debugging

Import and export environments and routes

Learn how to easily import and export your environments and routes in JSON format with Mockoon

Create dynamic responses with templating

Create dynamic responses for your mock server with Mockoon's templating system.

Define route and environment response headers

Mockoon can handle response headers at both environment and route levels, learn how.

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