Mockoon's API related articles

Learn more about APIs, REST API servers, API mocking, HTTP, headers, status codes, methods, proxies and more, with this series of articles and guides

Mockoon's APIs glossary

This article provides a glossary for many terms and acronyms you will come accross when working with APIs

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Mockoon's API guide part 1: What are APIs?

Learn what APIs and web APIs are, how they work, and what are the benefits of using and integrating third party APIs

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Mockoon's API guide part 2: REST(ful) APIs

Learn more about REST(ful) APIs, their constraints and what requests and responses between a client and a server contains

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Mockoon's API guide part 3: REST APIs components

Discover what composes RESTful API request and response: HTTP methods, resource URL, HTTP headers, payload or body

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Mockoon's guide to API mocking

Learn what API mocking is, how it works, the use cases, and the benefits of faking internals or third-party APIs

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