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“We want to craft the best API tools on the market!”

Mockoon maintainer
Mockoon maintainer

Mockoon is a free and open-source mock API tool created by Guillaume in 2017. Passionate about APIs and great developer tools, he spent a lot of time making Mockoon the easiest to use and quickest mock API tool.

Recently joined by Fabrice, a long-time friend and full-stack developer, together they plan to bring Mockoon to the next level and deliver the best developer experience on the market.

They believe in simplicity and efficiency and work hard every day to bring you a tool that is easy to set up yet powerful. The goal is to save you tons of time, not waste it.

If you believe in what we are building, you can sponsor us in this journey and join the dozens of backers and supporters.

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You can also support us by subscribing to our Pro plans and enjoy a whole new level of capabilities: AI-powered API mocks generation, enterprise-grade support, and more!

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