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We will soon offer an online course to help you get started with Mockoon applications and learn how to make the most of them.

This course has been designed to help you get started with Mockoon applications (desktop and CLI), and learn how to use all their features. It will also help you master API mocking and many API concepts.

This course will be available in 2024 as a video course.

Step-by-step progression from beginner to advanced user

Course delivered by the creator of Mockoon!

Learn to use all Mockoon features

Apply your knowledge with practical exercises

What's inside the course...

Getting started
5 lessons
  1. Introduction to Mockoon
  2. Installing Mockoon desktop application
  3. Create your first mock API
  4. Configure your server settings
  5. Create a simple endpoint
  1. The response status code and body
  2. Serving external files
  3. Create reusable mock data with the data buckets
  4. Adding environment and route headers
  5. Adding delays
  1. Introduction to Handlebars templating
  2. Templating helpers support
  3. Using Mockoon helpers
  4. Using Faker.js helpers
  5. Defining global variables
  6. Using the AI assistant
  1. Create multiple responses for a route
  2. Identifying the default response
  3. Random and sequential modes
  4. Add rules to serve the right response at the right time
  5. Create global rules to apply to all routes
  1. Overview of the CRUD endpoints
  2. Creating a CRUD endpoint
  3. Filtering and searching
  4. Sorting and pagination
  1. Configure the proxy mode
  2. Create a partial mock API
  1. Overview of the logs
  2. Record entering requests to create mocks
  1. Installing the CLI
  2. Deploying your mocks to a server
  3. Using the CLI with CI/CD: GitHub Actions
select generate from template in the route creation menu to create a AI-generated mock API endpoint
Creator of Mockoon


Creator of Mockoon


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