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List of video games

[ {{#repeat 10}} { "id": "{{faker 'string.uuid'}}", "title": "{{faker 'random.words'}}", "genre": "{{faker 'random.word'}}", "platform": "{{faker 'helpers.arrayElement' (array 'PC' 'PlayStation' 'Xbox' 'Nintendo')}}", "releaseDate": "{{faker 'date.past'}}", "developer": "{{faker 'company.name'}}", "publisher": "{{faker 'company.name'}}", "rating": "{{faker 'number.int' min=1 max=10}}", "multiplayer": {{faker 'datatype.boolean'}}, "price": {{faker 'number.int' min=0 max=100}} } {{/repeat}} ]

With properties such as title, genre, platform, release date, developer, publisher, rating, multiplayer status, and price, this template generates a list of random video games suitable for prototyping gaming applications and review platforms. Whether populating mock databases or serving as sample data for game recommendations, it offers developers essential game information for testing and analysis. These data are perfect to prototype or serve as sample data for applications like gaming platforms, review websites, and game recommendation engines.