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List of addresses

[ {{#repeat 10}} { "id": "{{faker 'string.uuid'}}", "street": "{{faker 'location.streetAddress'}}", "city": "{{faker 'location.city'}}", "state": "{{faker 'location.stateAbbr'}}", "zip": "{{faker 'location.zipCode'}}", "country": "{{faker 'location.country'}}", "latitude": {{faker 'location.latitude'}}, "longitude": {{faker 'location.longitude'}}, "phone": "{{faker 'phone.number'}}", "email": "{{faker 'internet.email'}}", "website": "{{faker 'internet.url'}}" } {{/repeat}} ]

This template is a versatile tool for developers, generating randomized addresses with essential details like street, city, state, zip, country, latitude, longitude, phone, email, and website. It's perfect for testing address-related features such as location-based services and geocoding. Additionally, it can simulate a database of addresses, providing varied entries for thorough testing across different scenarios. Its adaptability across various development environments makes it invaluable for ensuring the accuracy and reliability of address-related functionalities within applications. These data are perfect to prototype or serve as sample data for applications like location-based services, geocoding platforms, and address validation tools.