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List of colors

[ {{#repeat 10}} { "id": "{{faker 'string.uuid'}}", "name": "{{faker 'color.human'}}", "hex": "{{faker 'internet.color'}}", "rgb": { "r": {{faker 'number.int' min=0 max=255}}, "g": {{faker 'number.int' min=0 max=255}}, "b": {{faker 'number.int' min=0 max=255}} } } {{/repeat}} ]

With the capability to generate a diverse range of random colors, including properties like name, hex code, and RGB values, this template serves as a valuable resource for design applications and color pickers. Whether populating mock databases or serving as sample data for design tools, it offers developers a comprehensive color palette for testing and visualization. Moreover, its inclusion enhances the usability and accessibility of color-related features within applications. These data are perfect to prototype or serve as sample data for applications like design tools, color pickers, and visualization platforms.