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List of continent codes

[ { "Code": "AF", "Name": "Africa" }, { "Code": "NA", "Name": "North America" }, { "Code": "OC", "Name": "Oceania" }, { "Code": "AN", "Name": "Antarctica" }, { "Code": "AS", "Name": "Asia" }, { "Code": "EU", "Name": "Europe" }, { "Code": "SA", "Name": "South America" } ]

This template facilitates the generation of continent codes paired with their corresponding names, offering a standardized approach to representing continents in applications. By providing developers with a comprehensive list of continent data, including codes and names, it ensures accurate data representation across various scenarios. Moreover, its versatility extends to populating dropdown lists in forms or generating continent lists for databases, enhancing user experience and data management within applications. These data are perfect to prototype or serve as sample data for applications like form dropdown lists, location-based services, and geographical information systems.