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List of posts

[ {{#repeat 10}} { "id": "{{faker 'string.uuid'}}", "username": "{{faker 'internet.userName'}}", "content": "{{faker 'lorem.paragraph'}}", "likes": {{faker 'number.int' max=99999}}, "comments": {{faker 'number.int' max=99999}}, "shares": {{faker 'number.int' max=99999}}, "isLiked": {{faker 'datatype.boolean'}}, "isShared": {{faker 'datatype.boolean'}}, "timestamp": "{{faker 'date.recent'}}" } {{/repeat}} ]

This template generates a list of random social media posts with properties such as author, content, likes, comments, shares, and timestamp. Its primary utility lies in populating mock databases for social media applications and content creation platforms. Additionally, it serves as a valuable resource for testing social media-related functionalities, ensuring accuracy and reliability within applications. These data are perfect to prototype or serve as sample data for applications like social media platforms, content creation tools, and post analysis systems.