Mockoon release v8.1.1


 Patch 8.1.1 fixes the following issues

Since allowing opening multiple environments at once in v8.1.0, two bugs were fixed:

  • Files couldn't be opened anymore on macOS. (Issue #1379)
  • The same environment file could be opened multiple times. (Issue #1381)

 v8.1.0 release notes

Welcome to this new release of Mockoon. It brings new exciting features: improved logs view, new admin API features, new CLI flags, and serverless options, environment variables support for the TLS settings. Read on to learn more about this release.

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Mockoon is an open-source project built by volunteer maintainers. If you like our application, please consider sponsoring us and join all the Sponsors and Backers who helped this project over time!

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 Logs view improvements

For this release, the desktop application's Logs view has been improved. It now includes a search bar to filter logs by URL, method, status code, query, or timestamp:

logs view with search bar

(Issue #1109)

We also added proper code editors for the request and response bodies in the logs view. They will now display the content with proper formatting and syntax highlighting, and show eventual errors for the JSON format. As a side effect, the bodies are now searchable:

logs view with code editors

(Issues #368 and #137)

Last modification, the "Last log" link displayed under the response body now shows when the request or response JSON was malformed:

logs view with malformed JSON

 Admin API

Since the introduction of the admin API in the previous release, we added multiple new features:

Head to the documentation to learn more about the admin API.

 New CLI flags and serverless options

We added new flags to the CLI to allow you to:

  • --disable-admin-api to deactivate the admin API. (Issue #1371)
  • --disable-tls to override the TLS settings and disable it when running in your CI server. (Issue #668)
  • --max-transaction-logs to set the number of logs kept in memory for retrieval via the admin API. (Issue #632)

Similar options have been added to the serverless library.

 TLS and environment variables

Templating is now supported in the TLS configuration, allowing you to use environment variables in the certificate paths and password fields.

TLS configuration with environment variables

(Issue #1371)


You can now open multiple environments at once in the desktop application:

open file dialog showing multiple files being selected (Issue #1187)


  • The PATCH method wasn't working in the callbacks. This is now fixed. (Issue #1364)
  • Fixed a bug were the application could reconnect to the sync server with a previous token after switching to a different account. (Issue #1369)


We updated the libraries and applications dependencies to their latest versions to fix some reported vulnerabilities.

 Thank you

A big thank you to the following people who helped to make Mockoon better: