Mockoon release v6.2.0


Welcome to this new release of Mockoon. It brings new exciting features: support for global variables in rules, Linux Arm64 binaries, and many other fixes and improvements. Read on to learn more about this release.

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 Support for global variables in response rules

Mockoon now supports global variables in the response rules. This allows you to set a global variable during one call and use it in a rule to change the returned response.

Read more about this feature in the documentation.

global variables choice in the rule target menu

(Issue #1262)

 Templating helpers changes

  • Fix the someOf helper not correctly stringifying empty arrays and returning [""] instead of []. (Issue #1289)
  • Some Faker.js helpers like string.alpha can receive a complex object (more than one level deep) as a parameter. A new syntax was introduced to make their usage easier. E.g.: {{faker 'string.alpha' '{ length: 5, casing: "upper", exclude: ["A"] }' }}. (Issue #1218)
  • We added a third parameter to provide a default value to the getGlobalVar helper. (Issue #1263)
  • A new jsonParse helper was added to parse a stringified JSON. (Issue #1227)

 OpenAPI import improvements

  • OpenAPI endpoint's header values are now correctly imported from schemas and examples. (Issue #1244)
  • example and examples properties are now correctly used when building a schema present in a allOf, anyOf or oneOf. (Issue #948)

 Support for vendor specific JSON content types

Mockoon now supports vendor specific JSON content types like application/vnd.something+json. Request bodies with these content types will be correctly parsed and available in the templating helpers and rules. (Issue #1269)

 Desktop application

 New welcome screen and tour

We updated the welcome screen and added a tour to help new users discover Mockoon's features. You can access the new tour at any time using the "Help" menu.

The welcome screen, before and after:

welcome screen before and after

A preview of the tour:

tour preview

(Issue #1278)

 Support for Linux ARM64 architecture

We now provide binaries (deb and AppImage) for the Linux ARM64 architecture. Links to these binaries are available on the download page. Due to the limited access we have to this architecture, we can't provide a snap package at the moment. We also thank you to report any issue you may encounter with these binaries.

Linux ARM64 binaries (Issues #507 and #1299)

 MacOS new command and updated quit behavior

We reworked the macOS cmd + W and cmd + Q commands. The application will now correctly quit when pressing cmd + Q or using the menu's "Quit" option. We also introduced a new cmd + W command and application menu entry to close the current window. It should align Mockoon's behavior with other Mac applications.

(Issue #1097)


  • The "proxied" icon is now correctly displayed in the logs when forwarded requests result from the triggering of the fallback mode. (Issue #1267)
  • The application logo was updated for the new "sticker" design to be more visible when the operating system dark mode is enabled. (Issue #1266)
  • We fixed the "Environment needs restart" orange icon disappearing after updating a property that doesn't require a restart. (Issue #1254)
  • An issue was fixed causing a folder name to show another folder's name after successive editing. (Issue #1279)


  • We fixed a bug where the CLI could crash when used in a project importing chalk ESM only version (> version 5). (Issue #1276)


  • The callbacks are now correctly executed when the body type is set to "file". (Issue #1285)


  • Fixed a test breaking after the switch to the new year! It shouldn't happen anymore 🙂. (Issue #1248)
  • Removed the search filter directive in the desktop application due to an incompatibility with the trackBy function and replaced with observables. (Issue #1264)
  • We migrated from Firebase Remote Config to our API to allow for more flexibility in the future. (Issue #1290)

 Thank you

A big thank you to the following people who helped to make Mockoon better: