Mockoon release v4.1.0


Welcome to this new release of Mockoon. There are several bug fixes and new features in this version that we hope you will like.

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Mockoon is an open-source project built by volunteer maintainers. If you like our application, please consider sponsoring us and join all the Sponsors and Backers who helped this project over time!

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 New response fallback mode

A new response mode has been added. It allows you to fallback to the next route and ultimately the proxied server when no response rules match instead of serving the default response. Visit the documentation to learn more. (Issues #363)

enable fallback mode

 Dynamic rules with templating

The templating helpers are now supported in the rule values letting you create dynamic rules. (Issue #988)

screenshot showing a response rule with a template helper in the value field

 Changes to templating helpers

  • Two new templating helpers have been added to allow array filtering and object creation. (Issues #1103)

  • Properties with dots are now supported in the queryParam and queryParamRaw templating helpers. Escape the dots when you want to reach values contained in a property with dots. See the examples in our documentation. (Issue #1115)

  • The eq templating helper is now compatible with strings. (Issue #1114)

 Other changes

  • Templating helpers in Handlebars files with .hbs or .handlebars are now correctly parsed. (Issue #1120)

 Thank you

A big thank you to the following people who helped to make Mockoon better: