Mockoon release v5.1.0


Welcome to this new release of Mockoon. It brings exciting features like a new command palette and the migration to Faker.js v8. We also fixed some bugs in the desktop application and CLI. Read on to learn more about this release.

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 New command palette

We added a new command palette in the desktop application to quickly access all the application's features. You can open it by pressing Ctrl+P (Windows/Linux) or Cmd+P (MacOS). You can also access it by clicking on the icon in the header (see capture below).

It currently supports most common actions like creating new environments, starting/stopping them, opening the settings, etc. You can also search for any environment, route, or data bucket by typing their name or path. We will add more actions in the future. Let us know what you think, and do not hesitate to suggest new actions on our Discord server or GitHub discussions.

Command palette showing a search for the word create

 Faker.js v8 migration (⚠️ potentially breaking)

Mockoon now uses Faker.js v8. This update packs a lot of changes regarding the helper names. Some were removed, and many were renamed. For example, name.firstName moved to person.firstName. Some new locales were also added, like Danish. Be sure to check their migration guide to learn more.

This new version (both desktop and CLI) will automatically update your environment's inline bodies and data buckets content. However, it won't migrate external files (JSON, CSV, etc.) containing templating helpers, and you will have to do it manually.

All the documentation and mock samples were updated to reflect these changes and avoid any confusion with old helpers names.

(Issue #1150)

 Range header support

Mockoon now supports the Range header. This header is used to request only a part of a resource, like a binary file, to allow the download in chunks. You can now use it in your routes to simulate this behavior.

Head over to the documentation to learn more about this header.

(Issue #1044)

 Desktop application

  • We fixed a bug occurring at startup when the application was maximized causing the environments and routes menus sizes to not be correctly restored from the settings and often reduced in size. We also fixed a rare bug caused by the same resizing feature that could propagate an erroneous state of the settings and result in an empty UI at startup. (Issue #1167)
  • We fixed a bug where the data bucket dropdowns would overflow the screen when displaying long names.
  • The log in modal is now automatically closed when the authentication happens through the custom protocol. (Issue #1158)


  • We improved the error reporting during OpenAPI/data file parsing. (Issue #1161)

 Thank you

A big thank you to the following people who helped to make Mockoon better: