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Cloud Search API

Version: v1

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Cloud Search provides cloud-based search capabilities over Google Workspace data. The Cloud Search API allows indexing of non-Google Workspace data into Cloud Search.

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The Google Cloud Platform Service Broker API provides Google hosted
implementation of the Open Service Broker API

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Publishes 360 photos to Google Maps, along with position, orientation, and connectivity metadata. Apps can offer an interface for positioning, connecting, and uploading user-generated Street View images.

Smart Device Management API

Allow select enterprise partners to access, control, and manage Google and Nest devices programmatically.

Cloud Video Intelligence API

Detects objects, explicit content, and scene changes in videos. It also specifies the region for annotation and transcribes speech to text. Supports both asynchronous API and streaming API.

Service Control API

Provides admission control and telemetry reporting for services integrated with Service Infrastructure.

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Lets Android application developers access their Google Play accounts. At a high level, the expected workflow is to "insert" an Edit, make changes as necessary, and then "commit" it.

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