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Version: 2015-10-31

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Speed up your application development by using "AutomationManagement API" ready-to-use mock sample. Mocking this API will help you accelerate your development lifecycles and allow you to stop relying on an external API to get the job done. No more API keys to provision, accesses to configure or unplanned downtime, just work.
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Role based access control provides you a way to apply granular level policy administration down to individual resources or resource groups. These operations enable you to manage role definitions and role assignments. A role definition describes the set of actions that can be performed on resources. A role assignment grants access to Azure Active Directory users.

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Consumption management client provides access to consumption resources for Azure Enterprise Subscriptions.

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AWS IoT Events monitors your equipment or device fleets for failures or changes in operation, and triggers actions when such events occur. You can use AWS IoT Events API operations to create, read, update, and delete inputs and detector models, and to list their versions.

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