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Version: 2016-06-01

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Integrate third-party APIs faster by using "RecoveryServicesBackupClient API" ready-to-use mock sample. Mocking this API will allow you to start working in no time. No more accounts to create, API keys to provision, accesses to configure, unplanned downtime, just work.
Improve your integration tests by mocking third-party APIs and cover more edge cases: slow response time, random failures, etc.


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Azure resources can be linked together to form logical relationships. You can establish links between resources belonging to different resource groups. However, all the linked resources must belong to the same subscription. Each resource can be linked to 50 other resources. If any of the linked resources are deleted or moved, the link owner must clean up the remaining link.

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The Microsoft Azure Network management API provides a RESTful set of web services that interact with Microsoft Azure Networks service to manage your network resources. The API has entities that capture the relationship between an end user and the Microsoft Azure Networks service.

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You use the API to scan your content as it is generated. Content Moderator then processes your content and sends the results along with relevant information either back to your systems or to the built-in review tool. You can use this information to take decisions e.g. take it down, send to human judge, etc.
When using the API, images need to have a minimum of 128 pixels and a maximum file size of 4MB.
Text can be at most 1024 characters long.
If the content passed to the text API or the image API exceeds the size limits, the API will return an error code that informs about the issue.

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