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Power BI Embedded Management Client

Version: 2016-01-29

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Client to manage your Power BI Embedded workspace collections and retrieve workspaces.

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REST API for MarketplaceOrdering Agreements.

Use these API to manage Azure Relay resources through Azure Resource Manager.

The Admin Storage Management Client.

Content Moderator Client
You use the API to scan your content as it is generated. Content Moderator then processes your content and sends the results along with relevant information either back to your systems or to the built-in review tool. You can use this information to take decisions e.g. take it down, send to human judge, etc.
When using the API, images need to have a minimum of 128 pixels and a maximum file size of 4MB.
Text can be at most 1024 characters long.
If the content passed to the text API or the image API exceeds the size limits, the API will return an error code that informs about the issue.

Azure Stack Azure Bridge Client

Use these REST APIs for performing operations on Global Policies in Azure API Management deployment.

ARM Databricks



The User Subscription Management Client.


The Azure Instance Metadata Client

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API spec for Microsoft.Security (Azure Security Center) resource provider

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Azure Log Analytics API reference

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Azure ML Commitment Plans Management Client
These APIs allow end users to operate on Azure Machine Learning Commitment Plans resources and their child Commitment Association resources. They support CRUD operations for commitment plans, get and list operations for commitment associations, moving commitment associations between commitment plans, and retrieving commitment plan usage history.

The Microsoft Azure management API provides create, read, update, and delete functionality for Azure PostgreSQL resources including servers, databases, firewall rules, VNET rules, security alert policies, log files and configurations with new business model.

The Microsoft Azure Network management API provides a RESTful set of web services that interact with Microsoft Azure Networks service to manage your network resources. The API has entities that capture the relationship between an end user and the Microsoft Azure Networks service.

Azure SQL Database replication links
Provides read, delete, and failover functionality for Azure SQL Database replication links.

Microsoft.Intune Resource provider Api features in the swagger-2.0 specification

News Search Client
The News Search API lets you send a search query to Bing and get back a list of news that are relevant to the search query. This section provides technical details about the query parameters and headers that you use to request news and the JSON response objects that contain them. For examples that show how to make requests, see Searching the web for news.