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Version: 2015-05-01

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Start working with "ApplicationInsightsManagementClient API" right away by using this ready-to-use mock sample. API mocking can greatly speed up your application development by removing all the tedious tasks or issues: API key provisioning, account creation, unplanned downtime, etc.
It also helps reduce your dependency on third-party APIs and improves your integration tests' quality and reliability by accounting for random failures, slow response time, etc.


Azure Application Insights client for Annotations for a component.

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Azure Application Insights client for ProactiveDetection configurations of a component.

Subscription definitions client provides an interface to create, modify and retrieve azure subscriptions programmatically.


Use these REST APIs for performing operations on the ApiVersionSet entity associated with your Azure API Management deployment. Using this entity you create and manage API Version Sets that are used to group APIs for consistent versioning.

Software load balancer multiplexer operation endpoints and objects.

The Admin Subscriptions Management Client.

Deployment Admin Client.

Use this API to manage the IoTSpaces service instances in your Azure subscription.

Compute Admin Client

Use these REST APIs for performing operations on Cache entity in your Azure API Management deployment. Azure API Management also allows for caching responses in an external Azure Cache for Redis. For more information refer to External Redis Cache in ApiManagement.

Use this REST API to get all the issues across an Azure Api Management service.

The Admin Commerce Management Client.

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Azure Metrics
A client for issuing REST requests to the Azure metrics service.

Microsoft.Intune Resource provider Api features in the swagger-2.0 specification

Ink Recognizer Client
The service is used to perform ink layout and recognition of written words and shapes. Ink strokes passed to the service are recognized and organized into recognition results in the response

Creates a Microsoft.DataShare management client.

REST API for Azure Logic Apps.

Amazon Elastic Container Registry Public

Amazon Elastic Container Registry Public Amazon Elastic Container Registry (Amazon ECR) is a managed container image registry service. Amazon ECR provides both public and private registries to host your container images. You can use the familiar Docker CLI, or their preferred client, to push, pull, and manage images. Amazon ECR provides a secure, scalable, and reliable registry for your Docker or Open Container Initiative (OCI) images. Amazon ECR supports public repositories with this API. For information about the Amazon ECR API for private repositories, see Amazon Elastic Container Registry API Reference.

REST APIs for Azure Active Directory Connect Health

QnAMaker Runtime Client
An API for QnAMaker runtime


Dynamics Telemetry

Azure SQL Database
Provides read and update functionality for Azure SQL Database geo backup policies.