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Real-Time Bus Predictions

Version: 1.0

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Real-time bus prediction methods.

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Rail, bus, and elevator disruptions/outages.

Real-Time Rail Predictions
Real-time rail prediction methods.

Bus Route and Stop Methods
Bus stop information, route and schedule data, and bus positions.

Rail Station Information
Rail line and station information, including locations, fares, times, and parking.

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Faretrotter Travel API
Multimodal travel API to return modes of transportation between cities and points of interest.

This REST-API enables you to query station and stop infos

Where to Credit API
The Where to Credit API provides mileage earning calculations for frequent flyer programs around the world.

The Dealer API provides Dealer search functions.

Get name and website-URL for airports by ICAO code. Covered airports are mostly in Germany.

LH Public API

Rail Station Information
Rail line and station information, including locations, fares, times, and parking.

Remote Diagnostic Support
The Remote Diagnostic Support API will provide the possibility for 3rd party applications (e.g. ADAC, ATU, etc.) to access vehicle diagnostics data remotely on behalf of the Daimler customer. To use the endpoints you need a valid vin/fin (vehicleId). Public API

This REST-API enables you to query for private transport sharing offers provided by companies and cities in Germany, Netherland and Austria.
You can search for informations about the rental stations (points or areas) where you can find the rentals by utilizing the /areas/ ressource.
With the help of the proximity search in the /bookingproposals/ URI you can request the availabilities of the rentalobjects for spontaneous or planed usage in the future.
Feel free to browse through data by setting the parameter 'providernetwork' to the value:
1: Search for car sharing offers provided by the Flinkster platform (
2: Finding bike rental offers from Call a Bike (
You can find more details in the documentation section (Unfortunately only available in german language).
Have lots of fun and we are lucky to take notice of your products or getting your feedback.

Vehicle Image
The vehicle images API offers access to original Mercedes-Benz vehicle images. It provides access to exterior and interior images with parameters e.g. to modify the perspective and to display vehicles at day/nighttime. In addition you can request component images of a vehicle's engine, paint, rim, trim, upholstery and equipments.

Real-Time Rail Predictions
Real-time rail prediction methods.