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Hetzner Cloud API

Version: 1.0.0

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This is the official API documentation for the Public Hetzner Cloud.
The Hetzner Cloud API operates over HTTPS and uses JSON as its data format. The API is a RESTful API and utilizes HTTP methods and HTTP status codes to specify requests and responses.
As an alternative to working directly with our API you may also consider to use:
Our CLI program hcloud
Our library for Go
Our library for Python
Also you can find a list of libraries, tools, and integrations on GitHub.
If you are developing integrations based on our API and your product is Open Source you may be eligible for a free one time €50 (excl. VAT) credit on your account. Please contact us via the the support page on your Cloud Console and let us know the following:
The type of integration you would like to develop
Link to the GitHub repo you will use for the Project
Link to some other Open Source work you have already done (if you have done so)
Getting Started
To get started using the API you first need an API token. Sign in into the Hetzner Cloud Console choose a Project, go to Access → Tokens, and create a new token. Make sure to copy the token because it won’t be shown to you again. A token is bound to a Project, to interact with the API of another Project you have to create a new token inside the Project. Let’s say your new token is jEheVytlAoFl7F8MqUQ7jAo2hOXASztX.
You’re now ready to do your first request against the API. To get a list of all Servers in your Project, issue the example request on the right side using curl.
Make sure to replace the token in the example command with the token you have just created. Since your Project probably does not contain any Servers yet, the example response will look like the response on the right side. We will almost always provide a resource root like servers inside the example response. A response can also contain a meta object with information like Pagination.
Example Request
You can find our changelog on our Developer Hub.