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Cloud Functions API

Version: v2

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Integrate third-party APIs faster by using "Cloud Functions API" ready-to-use mock sample. Mocking this API will help you accelerate your development lifecycles and improves your integration tests' quality and reliability by accounting for random failures, slow response time, etc.
It also helps reduce your dependency on third-party APIs: no more accounts to create, API keys to provision, accesses to configure, unplanned downtime, etc.


Manages lightweight user-provided functions executed in response to events.

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Service Broker

The Google Cloud Platform Service Broker API provides Google hosted
implementation of the Open Service Broker API

Firebase Hosting API

The Firebase Hosting REST API enables programmatic and customizable management and deployments to your Firebase-hosted sites. Use this REST API to create and manage channels and sites as well as to deploy new or updated hosting configurations and content files.

Cloud Search API

Cloud Search provides cloud-based search capabilities over Google Workspace data. The Cloud Search API allows indexing of non-Google Workspace data into Cloud Search.

Cloud Billing Budget API

The Cloud Billing Budget API stores Cloud Billing budgets, which define a budget plan and the rules to execute as spend is tracked against that plan.

Cloud Asset API

The cloud asset API manages the history and inventory of cloud resources.

BigQuery Data Transfer API

Schedule queries or transfer external data from SaaS applications to Google BigQuery on a regular basis.

Assured Workloads API

Bare Metal Solution API

Provides ways to manage Bare Metal Solution hardware installed in a regional extension located near a Google Cloud data center.

Firebase Rules API

Creates and manages rules that determine when a Firebase Rules-enabled service should permit a request.

Genomics API

Uploads, processes, queries, and searches Genomics data in the cloud.

Cloud Identity-Aware Proxy API

Controls access to cloud applications running on Google Cloud Platform.

Other APIs in the same category

Data pipelines API

Data Pipelines provides an interface for creating, updating, and managing recurring Data Analytics jobs.

Service Consumer Management API

Manages the service consumers of a Service Infrastructure service.

On-Demand Scanning API

A service to scan container images for vulnerabilities.

My Business Notifications API

The My Business Notification Settings API enables managing notification settings for business accounts.

PageSpeed Insights API

The PageSpeed Insights API lets you analyze the performance of your website with a simple API. It offers tailored suggestions for how you can optimize your site, and lets you easily integrate PageSpeed Insights analysis into your development tools and workflow.

Google Play Custom App Publishing API

API to create and publish custom Android apps

Cloud Dataproc API

Manages Hadoop-based clusters and jobs on Google Cloud Platform.

Certificate Authority API

The Certificate Authority Service API is a highly-available, scalable service that enables you to simplify and automate the management of private certificate authorities (CAs) while staying in control of your private keys.

Policy Analyzer API

Network Connectivity API

This API enables connectivity with and between Google Cloud resources.

Cloud Testing API

Allows developers to run automated tests for their mobile applications on Google infrastructure.

Google Cloud Support API

Manages Google Cloud technical support cases for Customer Care support offerings.