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Browshot API

Version: 1.17.0

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Speed up your application development by using "Browshot API" ready-to-use mock sample. Mocking this API will help you accelerate your development lifecycles and allow you to stop relying on an external API to get the job done. No more API keys to provision, accesses to configure or unplanned downtime, just work.
Enhance your development infrastructure by mocking third party APIs during integrating testing.


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Voodoo Manufacturing 3D Print API
Welcome to the Voodoo Manufacturing API docs!
Your Voodoo Manufacturing API key must be included with each request to the API. The API will look for the key in the "api_key" header of the request. You can request a key here.
This API provides a programmatic interface for submitting printing orders to Voodoo Manufacturing. The general process for creating an order is as follows:
Get a list of the available materials with the /materials endpoint
Upload models to the API with the /models endpoint
Get quotes for shipping methods with the /order/shipping endpoint
Get a quote for an order with the /order/create endpoint
Confirm the order with the /order/confirm endpoint
Uploaded models and orders can be retrieved either in bulk or by id at the /model and /order endpoints, respectively.
In some cases, you may wish to get a quote for a specific model without the context of an order. In this case, you may use the /model/quote (if you've already uploaded the model to the API) or the /model/quote_attrs (lets you quote based on calculated model attributes) endpoints.

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Swagger Generator
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Chomp Food Database API Documentation
An API key is required for access to this API. Get yours at
Getting Started
Subscribe to the API.
Scroll down and click the "Authorize" button.
Enter your API key into the "value" input, click the "Authorize" button, then click the "Close" button.
Scroll down to the section titled "default" and click on the API endpoint you wish to use.
Click the "Try it out" button.
Enter the information the endpoint requires.
Click the "Execute" button.
Branded food response object: View example »
Ingredient response object: View example »
Error response object: View example »
How Do I Find My API Key?
Your API key was sent to the email address you used to create your subscription.
You will also find your API key in the Client Center.
Read this article for more information.
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Browshot API

Take screenshots of any website in real time

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