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Apps Script API

Version: v1

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Manages and executes Google Apps Script projects.

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SAS Portal API (Testing)

Proximity Beacon API

Registers, manages, indexes, and searches beacons.

Application Integration API

Service Networking API

Provides automatic management of network configurations necessary for certain services.

Safe Browsing API

Enables client applications to check web resources (most commonly URLs) against Google-generated lists of unsafe web resources. The Safe Browsing APIs are for non-commercial use only. If you need to use APIs to detect malicious URLs for commercial purposes – meaning β€œfor sale or revenue-generating purposes” – please refer to the Web Risk API.

Google Cloud Memorystore for Redis API

Creates and manages Redis instances on the Google Cloud Platform.

Google Play Custom App Publishing API

API to create and publish custom Android apps

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Smart Device Management API

Allow select enterprise partners to access, control, and manage Google and Nest devices programmatically.

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Reads and writes Google Slides presentations.

Network Services API

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My Business Q&A API

The My Business Q&A API allows questions and answers to be posted for specific listings.

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Certificate Authority API

The Certificate Authority Service API is a highly-available, scalable service that enables you to simplify and automate the management of private certificate authorities (CAs) while staying in control of your private keys.

Google Play Custom App Publishing API

API to create and publish custom Android apps

My Business Account Management API

The My Business Account Management API provides an interface for managing access to a location on Google.

People API

Provides access to information about profiles and contacts.

Service Consumer Management API

Manages the service consumers of a Service Infrastructure service.

Service Usage API

Enables services that service consumers want to use on Google Cloud Platform, lists the available or enabled services, or disables services that service consumers no longer use.

Cloud Logging API

Writes log entries and manages your Cloud Logging configuration.

Web Security Scanner API

Scans your Compute and App Engine apps for common web vulnerabilities.

Proximity Beacon API

Registers, manages, indexes, and searches beacons.

YouTube Reporting API

Schedules reporting jobs containing your YouTube Analytics data and downloads the resulting bulk data reports in the form of CSV files.