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Apps Script API

Version: v1

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Manages and executes Google Apps Script projects.

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Firebase Rules API

Creates and manages rules that determine when a Firebase Rules-enabled service should permit a request.

Service Usage API

Enables services that service consumers want to use on Google Cloud Platform, lists the available or enabled services, or disables services that service consumers no longer use.

Calendar API

Manipulates events and other calendar data.

BigQuery Reservation API

A service to modify your BigQuery flat-rate reservations.

App Engine Admin API

Provisions and manages developers' App Engine applications.

Cloud Debugger API

Examines the call stack and variables of a running application without stopping or slowing it down.

Google Chat API

Enables apps to fetch information and perform actions in Google Chat. Authentication is a prerequisite for using the Google Chat REST API.

Artifact Registry API

Store and manage build artifacts in a scalable and integrated service built on Google infrastructure.

Access Context Manager API

An API for setting attribute based access control to requests to GCP services.

Google Analytics Admin API

Google Analytics Data API

Accesses report data in Google Analytics.


Admin SDK lets administrators of enterprise domains to view and manage resources like user, groups etc. It also provides audit and usage reports of domain.

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Bare Metal Solution API

Provides ways to manage Bare Metal Solution hardware installed in a regional extension located near a Google Cloud data center.

Cloud Shell API

Allows users to start, configure, and connect to interactive shell sessions running in the cloud.

Cloud Trace API

Sends application trace data to Cloud Trace for viewing. Trace data is collected for all App Engine applications by default. Trace data from other applications can be provided using this API. This library is used to interact with the Cloud Trace API directly. If you are looking to instrument your application for Cloud Trace, we recommend using OpenTelemetry.

Payments Reseller Subscription API

Security Token Service API

The Security Token Service exchanges Google or third-party credentials for a short-lived access token to Google Cloud resources.

Google My Business API

The Google My Business API provides an interface for managing business location information on Google.

Managed Service for Microsoft Active Directory API

The Managed Service for Microsoft Active Directory API is used for managing a highly available, hardened service running Microsoft Active Directory (AD).

Cloud OS Login API

You can use OS Login to manage access to your VM instances using IAM roles.

OS Config API

OS management tools that can be used for patch management, patch compliance, and configuration management on VM instances.

Cloud Logging API

Writes log entries and manages your Cloud Logging configuration.

SAS Portal API (Testing)

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Provides access to information about profiles and contacts.