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The Gmail API lets you view and manage Gmail mailbox data like threads, messages, and labels.

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Network Management API

The Network Management API provides a collection of network performance monitoring and diagnostic capabilities.

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) URL API

Retrieves the list of AMP URLs (and equivalent AMP Cache URLs) for a given list of public URL(s).

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Allows users to manage BigQuery connections to external data sources.

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Allows developers to manage billing for their Google Cloud Platform projects programmatically.

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Cloud Debugger API

Examines the call stack and variables of a running application without stopping or slowing it down.

Cloud Trace API

Sends application trace data to Cloud Trace for viewing. Trace data is collected for all App Engine applications by default. Trace data from other applications can be provided using this API. This library is used to interact with the Cloud Trace API directly. If you are looking to instrument your application for Cloud Trace, we recommend using OpenTelemetry.

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Enables cloud users to manage and share enterprise catalogs intheir organizations.

Cloud Private Catalog

Enable cloud users to discover enterprise catalogs and products in their organizations.
The Google Books API allows clients to access the Google Books repository.

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Chrome Management API

The Chrome Management API is a suite of services that allows Chrome administrators to view, manage and gain insights on their Chrome OS and Chrome Browser devices.

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Network Connectivity API

This API enables connectivity with and between Google Cloud resources.

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Reads and writes Google Sheets.

Recommendations AI (Beta)

Note that we now highly recommend new customers to use Retail API, which incorporates the GA version of the Recommendations AI funtionalities. To enable Retail API, please visit The Recommendations AI service enables customers to build end-to-end personalized recommendation systems without requiring a high level of expertise in machine learning, recommendation system, or Google Cloud.

Artifact Registry API

Store and manage build artifacts in a scalable and integrated service built on Google infrastructure.

Remote Build Execution API

Supplies a Remote Execution API service for tools such as bazel.

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Creates, reads, and updates metadata for Google Cloud Platform resource containers.

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The Android Management API provides remote enterprise management of Android devices and apps.

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Provides a historical view of activity.

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Build event-driven applications on Google Cloud Platform.

Cloud Key Management Service (KMS) API

Manages keys and performs cryptographic operations in a central cloud service, for direct use by other cloud resources and applications.