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Introducing AI assistant and Pro plans

With Mockoon Pro plan AI assistant, unleash the power of API mocking for all your prototyping and API teaching needs.

Guillaume, Founder
Posted by Guillaume, Founder

 📢 Announcing the Pro plans

We are excited to announce the launch of Mockoon Pro plans, marking a significant milestone in our journey as an open-source project. At Mockoon, we have always been dedicated to providing powerful and user-friendly tools for API mocking and testing, made available freely under an open-source license to the developers' community.

Introducing Mockoon Pro plans stems from our commitment to expanding the project's scope while ensuring its long-term viability. By offering paid products and services, we aim to find a balance between an open-source core and providing advanced features and enterprise-level services for those who desire an even more powerful API mocking and prototyping experience.

This significant step will allow us to secure the project's sustainability and continue serving developers worldwide with the same dedication.

 🤖 AI assistant and templates

The first feature part of our Pro plans is an AI assistant that helps you generate realistic templates for your endpoints, accompanied by a range of hand-curated JSON templates. This functionality empowers solo developers and teams to accelerate the prototyping process.

This feature is not only designed to enhance API prototyping but also serves as an invaluable tool for teaching and learning API concepts. It makes Mockoon Pro the perfect companion for educators, trainers, and anyone seeking to teach or grasp the intricacies of APIs.

animation showing prompts being written and JSON content appearing

Behind the scenes, our AI assistant leverages OpenAI's Chat GPT. We have fine-tuned the prompt specifically for Mockoon, enabling the generation of complex and realistic JSON structures using Handlebars templating and Faker.js helpers. This integration empowers developers to effortlessly create realistic and dynamic mock endpoints, reducing development time and simplifying the process of prototyping their APIs.

 💬 Priority support and welcome training

By subscribing to Mockoon Pro's Enterprise plan, you also benefit from our priority support with a dedicated support channel where we promptly address any questions or concerns you may have. This advanced support ensures that your API development and testing workflows remain uninterrupted.

In addition to priority support, our Enterprise plan includes comprehensive welcome training. We understand that transitioning to a new platform can sometimes be daunting. It is why we offer personalized onboarding to help your team quickly get up to speed with Mockoon. This training covers all the ins and outs of our tools, guiding your team through its advanced features and best practices. By providing this training, we want to ensure a smooth and successful integration of Mockoon into your API development processes.

 🛣️ Future roadmap

At Mockoon, we strive to innovate and constantly bring new features to our users. The future roadmap for Mockoon Pro is full of exciting possibilities that will further enrich your API prototyping experience.
We provide a public roadmap page where you can get a glimpse of the developments on the horizon. You can also subscribe to our newsletter below, or on the Pro page product updates to get informed of any new features and updates.

By subscribing to Mockoon Pro, you will enhance your API development capabilities and also contribute to the sustainability of the open-source project. Join us on this exciting journey and subscribe to Mockoon Pro today!

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