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Data synchronization and team collaboration

We are thrilled to announce the availability of data synchronization and real-time collaboration for Mockoon Pro users

Guillaume, Founder
Posted by Guillaume, Founder

After months of work, we are thrilled to announce the availability of the data synchronization and real-time collaboration feature for Mockoon Pro subscribers. This feature, part of the 2024 March release and available in the desktop application, allows you to seamlessly synchronize your environments' data across multiple devices or within your team. This way, you can collaborate in real-time and ensure that everyone is working with the latest version of your mock API.

 How to get started

After subscribing to Mockoon Pro and downloading the latest version of the desktop application (v8.0.0), you can enable data synchronization by logging in to the application with your Mockoon account. Once you are logged in, you can create a new cloud environment or import an existing one using the new "Cloud" section in the Mockoon desktop application's menu:

Cloud menu section

After creation, your mock API data will be automatically synchronized in our cloud and automatically replicated on all your or your team members' devices. A local copy of your data is also kept on your device to ensure you can continue working even when you are offline.

 Real-time collaboration

When working in a shared environment with your team, you can see your team members' changes propagated in real-time. The application will also handle updates granularly, letting you collaborate seamlessly. Eventual conflicts are resolved on a last-write-wins basis.

animation of the real time collaboration

You can also see who is currently working on the cloud environments:

tooltip showing the team users presence

📘 Head over our dedicated documentation to learn more about this new feature.

 Future improvements

We spent a lot of time developing this feature and are very proud of the result. We hope you will enjoy using it as much as we enjoyed developing it, and we are looking forward to your feedback and suggestions to make it even better!

We also have a lot of ideas for future improvements, such as improving the presence indicators, adding notifications, and more. We will keep you updated on our progress in the coming months.

 No changes for open-source users

As always, Mockoon remains free and open-source. The data synchronization and real-time collaboration feature is optional, and using the application still does not require any account creation or subscription. Open-source users can continue using Mockoon as they did before with locally stored environments.

📰 You can read more about our commitment to open-source in a previous blog post.

 What's next?

We are already working on the next Pro feature, which will be cloud deployments. This feature will allow you to deploy your mock APIs to the cloud and share them with your team or the world. Stay tuned for more information!