Desktop release 1.20.0

Welcome to this new release of Mockoon. There are several bug fixes and new features in this version that we hope you will like.

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 Disabled rules

There is a new mode alongside randomized and sequential responses: disabled rules. It will always serve the default response and ignore the rules.


(Issue #498)

 Invert the response rule operator

You can now invert the response rules' operators by clicking on the toggle button with an exclamation mark:


After enabling this option, you can read the operators like this: not a regex match, not equals, etc.

(Issue #690)

 multipart/form-data support

Templating helpers (body and bodyRaw) and response rules are now compatible with multipart/form-data. Entering requests containing multipart data with the correct Content-Type will be automatically parsed. You can then retrieve any variable or use them in the rules like you would do with a JSON body.

(Issue #347)

 Support for properties with dots

Properties with dots are now supported in the body and bodyRaw templating helpers and in the rules. Escape the dots when you want to reach values contained in a property with dots:

{ "": "value" }

rule accessing property with dots

body helper accessing property with dots

(Issue #338)


  • We fixed a race conditions where settings were accessed before being loaded. (Issue #751)


  • The route responses menu now takes the full available width (Issue #719)
  • We enabled XML support for the application/soap+xml content type. (Issue #757)


We started working on a new internal release system that relies more on our own infrastructure rather than GitHub releases (Issue #769). This is a long-term plan that will allow us to offer more release channels in the future.