Desktop release 1.19.0

Welcome to this new release of Mockoon. There are several bug fixes and new features in this version that we hope you will like.

We also started working on the GraphQL mocking. As we want to deliver the right feature, we would be glad to gather more feedback on what you expect. Feel free to reach us on our Discord server, or comment on the issue.

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Mockoon is an open-source project built by volunteer maintainers. If you like our application, please consider sponsoring us and join all the Sponsors and Backers who helped this project over time!

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 Environment files change monitoring

After temporarily disabling the new environment files watcher in v1.18.1 due to an issue (#649), we reworked this feature from the ground up. It must now be manually activated in the settings and offers more choices:

enable file monitoring in settings

You can now activate the file watcher and reload the environments after validating a confirmation prompt, or automatically.

preview of file monitoring prompt

(Issue #649)

 Improved default route response selection

Defining the default response is now easier. Before this change, the default response was always the first one. Now, the blue flag indicates the default response and you can change it by clicking on the grey flags:

a default route response

change the default route response

(Issue #252)

 New templating helpers and Faker.js update

We added new templating helpers: lowercase, uppercase, and base64Decode. (Issues #655 and #625)

We also updated Faker.js to version 6. It offers some new helpers and locales. (Issue #716)

 Copy an endpoint full path

A new context menu entry is available to copy the full API endpoint path:

context menu with copy path to clipboard option

(Issue #633)

 Google Analytics removal

Following the introduction of a custom privacy-friendly telemetry system last year, we removed Google Analytics from the desktop application. (Issue #713)


  • The API prefix is now correctly removed when forwarding (using the proxy mode) to a prefixed endpoint. (Issue #585)
  • Logs are now properly displayed even when Mockoon is called with malformed URIs. (Issue #689)
  • The setVar helper is now correctly working inside block helpers. (Issue #706)
  • The faker helper now returns the correct value and not only strings. It makes this helper compatible with other helpers that requires numbers, arrays or booleans to work (e.g. int, if, each, etc.). (Issue #699)


We moved the project to a monorepo to accelerate the development and reduce the amount of manipulation we have to do when working on features. (Issue #640)
We also updated the CI workflows to always test the packaged desktop application when opening PRs. It will greatly reduce the amount of testing needed during a release.


We updated the OpenAPI documentation to explain the discrepancies between the specification and Mockoon's features.

 Thank you

A big thank you to the following people who helped to make Mockoon better: