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The SEDRA API is documented in OpenAPI format and uses ReDoc for documentation.
This document describes the JSON API for the Syriac Electronic Data Research Archive (SEDRA). The SEDRA project is a linguistic and literary database of Syriac language and literature focusing on providing electronic access to the corpus of Syriac lexicons with linguistic information added to each entry in those lexicons. The API is a mechanism to provide the linguistic information stored in SEDRA to a broader audience.
Additionally there is a XML API for Syriac words which conforms to a prototype Semitic Languages schema which can be found in the XSD file
Cross-Origin Resource Sharing
This API features Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) implemented in compliance with the W3C spec and allows cross-domain communication from the browser.
All responses have a wildcard same-origin which makes them completely public and accessible to everyone, including any code on any site.
Explaining how to lookup words in the SEDRA API is complex and would clutter the API description. For that reason we have chosen to give the explanation of how to lookup words in its own section. SEDRA can lookup words by the SEDRA word Id. However, it will often be the case that the consumer of information provided by the SEDRA API does not know the SEDRA word Id. It is for that reason that the SEDRA API provides a method to lookup words by the Syriac text. But that process is complicated by the nature of Syriac writing. So the SEDRA API will lookup words for consonantal, partially vocalized, and fully vocalized Syriac text. Using the word Id will provide the most accurate results as the exact word will be returned. Fully vocalized text will provide the next most accurate result. The least accurate results will be returned by partially vocalized and consonantal Syriac words in that order. Following are some samples to help understand how this works.
By Word Id 30862
By fully vocalized Syriac word ܐܰܒܳܪܳܐ
By partially vocalized Syriac word ܐܶܒܪܐ
By consonantal Syriac word ܐܒܪܐ.