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Mockoon is part of the first GitHub Accelerator cohort 🚀

Mockoon has been accepted to be part of the first-ever GitHub Accelerator cohort among 20 other open-source projects.

Guillaume, Founder
Posted by Guillaume, Founder

 🚀 Mockoon joins GitHub Accelerator

We are excited to announce that we have been accepted to the first GitHub Accelerator cohort. This is a major milestone for our project and we are honored to be a part of such an amazing community of developers.

In addition to Mockoon, 19 other awesome open-source projects have been selected. We look forward to collaborating with them throughout the program.

AnalogAnalog is a fullstack meta-framework to build applications and websites with Angular
AtriThe Python web framework to build production-grade apps
htmxMakes AJAX, Web Sockets, etc. available directly in HTML
Code HikeTools for building all types of code walkthroughs: blogs, docs, slides, tutorials, etc.
DioxusFriendly React-like GUI library for desktop, web, mobile, and more, written in Rust.
LinkFreeConnecting with your audience with a single link, showcasing your content and projects.
Seamly2DDesign CAD to democratize and de-centralize fashion design & production.
nbdevIncrease developer productivity by 10x with a new exploratory programming workflow.
FormbricksOpen-source Qualtrics alternative
SniffnetCross-platform application to comfortably monitor and analyse network traffic
pypandocPypandoc provides a thin wrapper for pandoc, a universal document converter.
NuxtAn intuitive framework for building web applications, built for the edge.
ResponsivelyA dev-tool for web developers that aid in faster responsive web page development.
DatasetteAn open source multi-tool for exploring and publishing data
SpyderThe scientific Python development environment
Strawberry GraphQLA GraphQL library for Python that leverages type annotations 🍓
TermuxA terminal emulator for Android that provides 2000+ linux packages to code on phone
PolyPoly is a fast, well tested Go package for engineering organisms.
tRPCEnd-to-end typesafe APIs made easy. Never write another API contract again.

Through the mentorship, resources, and support provided by the GitHub Accelerator, we will be able to explore new opportunities to secure the future of the project and find ways to sustain ourselves in the long term. Our commitment to open-source is stronger than ever, and we are thrilled to take Mockoon to the next level with the help of our awesome community.

We are excited to see what the future holds, and we would like to thank GitHub for this opportunity!

 💁‍♂️ Sponsoring and pro plans

Because developing open-source softwares is not free, we (still) need your help to guarantee a bright future for our favorite raccoon. If you like our work, you can support us in multiple ways:

  • Spread the word! The more, the merrier 🙂.
  • Sponsor us and join all the Sponsors and Backers who helped this project over time. It's a great way to support us and show your brand in front of thousands of developers interested in APIs.
  • Subscribe to our new Pro plans: AI-powered API mocks generation, enterprise-grade support, and more!

We are also working on a Pro plan available later this year. It will offer exciting features such as data synchronization and AI-powered API mocks generation. Stay tuned!