Legacy export files#

Pre v1.16.0 export format#

Before v1.16.0, exporting data in Mockoon's format was necessary to share your mocks with other users and to run them with the CLI. Since this update, both the desktop application and the CLI can use or load Mockoon's environments files directly without exporting them (Learn more).

Export files looked like regular environment files, wrapped in Mockoon's specific format:

{ "source": "mockoon:1.17.0", "data": [ { "type": "environment", "item": { "uuid": "", "lastMigration": 19, "name": "Exported environment", ... } } ] }

v1.18.0 deprecation#

In v1.18.0, the options to import/export in Mockoon's format have been removed from the application. You won't be able to export your environments in this format anymore.

However, both the CLI and the desktop application can load these legacy export files.

When opening an old export file, Mockoon will ask for confirmation before opening it. Upon confirmation, the export file will be migrated to the new format automatically:

prompt before opening legacy export file